My experience with California DUI cases

In over 40 years of practicing law, I have represented tens of thousands of individuals who were caught up in the criminal justice system. I have defended individuals accused of many different crimes, including DUI and DUI related offenses. I have represented individuals from all occupations and walks of life. Even judges, lawyers, and police officers have turned to me for assistance.

I am able to satisfactorily resolve most cases by dismissal or negotiated disposition. However, when a dismissal or appropriate plea offer is not available, I do not flinch from taking a case to trial. I have tried hundreds of cases, obtaining not guilty verdicts for clients charged with drunk driving, homicide, rape, robbery, burglary, and many other crimes.

I am admitted to practice in all California state and federal courts. I graduated from San Francisco Law School and studied advanced Criminal Law at the University of Southern California.

Attorney fees

After I have had a chance to meet with you and learn the facts of your case, I will quote you a fee. You will know the exact amount of the fee in advance.

No matter how complex your case turns out to be, I will not increase the fee. This fee will cover all legal work in your case, including motions and trial.

Most attorneys charge an initial retainer to which they later add additional charges for court appearances and trial. You never know if you can afford the fee and if you can’t pay it, your attorney may withdraw.

Highly experienced representation for your Santa Maria DUI case

I will personally handle your case. I won’t hand it off to a new lawyer. If you are not already represented by a Santa Maria DUI defense attorney, and you would like me to evaluate your case, please describe your case using the form to the right. Or you may contact me at:

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